KIDS Nocturne on 5 November

Are you afraid your children will get bored in museums? Certainly not during the Nocturnes! Throughout the season, museums set up activities for children. This year once more, an evening – 5 November 2015 – is entirely dedicated to them, during the autumn break. That evening, 7 museums will welcome children and adults for a nice family outing with guided tours, celebration activities and workshops open to all. Amongst others, enjoy a chocolate workshop at the Belgian Chocolate Village, a visit of the Coudenberg torchlight in hand, games at the Musée BELvue (BELvue Museum), delicious workshops at the Mu- sée bruxellois du Moulin et de l’Alimentation (Brussels Mill and Food Museum) and creative activities at the WIELS, the Musée d’Ixelles (Ixelles Museum) and the Archives et Musée pour la Vie Flamande à Bruxelles (Archives and Museum for Flemish Life in Brussels).