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my nocturnes

ARGOS has been dedicated to film and video since 1989. Guided tours of our exhi- bitions and our archive are on the bill for the evening. Come and enjoy a drink and see our extensive collection for yourself!


Reservations are compulsory for the activities and for groups: 02 229 00 03

Behind the scenes of Argos’ video archive
FR : 18.30
NL: 19.30 EN : 20.30
With almost 5000 film and video titles dating from the 1960s until today, Argos manages the largest collection of artist films and videos in Belgium. Over the past decades, Argos has made great efforts to preserve its audiovisual collection for the future. Video cassettes are threatened to be lost due to their chemical composition and transience, or because the playback equipment is becoming obsolete. But even digital works can present the conservator with great challenges. Sofie Ruysseveldt, Collection Manager, will give you an introduction about the workings of the archive. This tour offers a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. Did you know that it is possible to consult the collection for free in our Media Library? On Thursday November 9th you will find out more about this!

EXPO Lina Selander
FR : 19.00 NL : 20.00 EN : 21.00
‘For a Time Light Must Be Called Darkness’ is the first solo exhibition in Belgium by Lina Selander (b. 1973), one of today’s most important Swedish moving image artists. Central in Selander’s work is the analysis of how junctures are depicted, how are events reported and how things are portrayed. For a Time Light Must Be Called Darkness features six video installations, most of them made in collaboration with Oscar Mangione. These works take us to Bredäng (a suburb in Southwest Stockholm), Berlin, the West Bank, Pripyat and Chernobyl. All of these places are the occasion and the starting point for broader reflections about our present in relation to historical facts.

EXPO Com nu ties
What does a community still mean for us today? What thresholds do we have to cross in order to meet the other? How do we define a community? Argos and ISELP, two Brussels institutions that have links with the main Belgian communities, team up to organize a large-scale exhibition about the theme at both venues, using Argos’s extensive film and video collection.

SCREENING “Die Ruinen von Europa” a film by Ira A.Goryainova.

The film will be screened every hour !
2016, 47 min, with english subtitles

Having graduated in 2016 as a documentary director from the Brussels Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound, Ira A. Goryainova (b. 1984, Moscow) plays with the expectations of viewers as she often crosses the borders between fiction and non-fiction. In a European Union torn apart by several pro- and contra factions, facing a refugee crisis and at the same time the rise of the right, daily bombed by a plethora of opinions, fast food newsflashes and a continuous stream of images, a certain group of people resigns and looks at it all from the sidelines. ‘Die Ruinen von Europa’ follows a young Parisienne, a real contemporary Ophelia/Elektra, as portrayed in Heiner Müller’s apocalyptic play ‘Die Hamletmaschine’ (1977), which functions as leitmotiv in this unsettling, dark, thought-provoking, gloomy Program 3 Blocs (2005) meditative trip.

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Every Thursday evening, from 17:00 to 22:00

3€ per museum (1,50€ for 25 and under).Some late-evening openings are free.

ARGOS – Centre for Art and Media09/11

my nocturnes


Every Thursday evening, from 17:00 to 22:00

3€ per museum (1,50€ for 25 and under).Some late-evening openings are free.