10 Great Reasons to Enjoy the Brussels Museums Nocturnes

Between September and December, 73 of Brussels’ museums will turn you into night owls!

 Every Thursday, from September 16th to December 6th between 5pm and 10pm, at least 5 museums will be open to welcome you and put some spark back into your evenings. On the programme: new exhibitions, workshops, music, drinks and unique guided tours. Brussels will reveal its hidden gems and neighborhoods, all at an ever-affordable price. Here are 10 ways to fully enjoy it!


1. Discover new places

Kanal – Centre Pompidou © Veerle Vercauteren


Think you already know all the places that open their doors during the Nocturnes? Well surprise! Each year, new museums and art centers join in. This year, that means the Kanal – Centre Pompidou, the MoMuse (the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean Town Hall) and the Museum of the National Bank will be added to the well-planned, neighborhood based program.


2. Escape it all


From beyond the edges of the Fondation Boghossian to the underworld of the city and even a chance for a tram ride interspersed with a bit of pole dancing. A brief respite from reality awaits you.


3. Take Advantage of this Season’s Nocturne PASS


Normally, the Nocturne entry price is 4€ (standard) or 2€ (under 26), altogether, not that much. Still, we have decided this season that for the first time, we will debut the Nocturnes PASS at an even lower cost! It will allow you entry into 5 museums of your choice during the entire Nocturnes for 16€ (standard) or 8€ (under 26)—you can even use them all the same night! Thank us later!


4. Momentarily Immerse Yourself in Someone Else’s Life

René Magritte Museum © visit.brussels – Jean-Paul Remy


The essential roles of museums are to share stories with you or to invite you to share your own! Meet Amy Winehouse in a family portrait, peek into Magritte’s mind at his own home or even put yourself in the shoes of an urban architect in Brussels; nothing is forbidden!

5. Visit the Must-See Exhibitions of the Season

Jewish Museum of Belgium © J. Bruyère


Autumn exhibitions are open during the Nocturnes, be they rather public or quite obscure. All the colors are at the Botanique, real teddy bears in the Natural Sciences, Comics and Alternative Illustrations at Wittockiana, the INCA Dress Code at the Art & History Museum and the ExpoPorno lucid and without taboo in the Allende Room at ULB—you can feel the culture alive at your fingertips!


6. Sneak in Behind the Closed Doors… and After 5PM!

Schaerbeek Beer Museum © Hidden Raven


It’s not every day that Egmont Palace, the Cauchie House, the Crossbowmen, or the Schaerbeek Museum of Beer are easily accessible! In addition, the Nocturnes are from 5PM to 10PM, practical if you’re busy during the week or on the weekends!

7. Take Incredible Photos

Egmont Palace © Hidden Raven


In case it’s not clear, museums are quite regal at night, guaranteeing you beautiful photos that you can share with your friends on Instagram (preferably with our hashtag #brusselsmuseums 😉 ). Horta Museum, WIELS, Botanic Garden Meise, the National Basilica of Koekelberg or the Monnaie workshops; there’s a lot to do with 73 museums.


8. A Good Start to Your Evening… or Your Weekend!

MIMA © Hidden Raven


Let’s be honest for a moment, for most of us, Thursday is nearly the weekend and the Nocturnes are just the sort of outing that perfectly breaks up the routine. For the more ambitious, it’s a good entrance into an evening that will continue elsewhere (you know who you are).


9. Soften Your Autumn Blues

Museums of the Basilica of Koekelberg © Anne Jouan


Terrasses and summer apéros are already fading to memories, but the soft, nocturnal atmosphere (and a drink at the museum) will extend your summer just a bit longer!


10. Have Encounters of a New Kind

Centrale for Contemporary Art © Anne Jouan


And if, for an evening, you could dazzle the object of your affection, convince your friends of the cool-ness of museums, meet people on the same wavelength or learn to appreciate the most boring of your colleagues? We’re not trying to sell you dreams, but we will say that these theories have been tested and approved many times.