13 Exhibitions to See this November at the Nocturnes

November brings its own share of new exhibitions to discover every Thursday night from 5PM to 10PM during the Nocturnes. Here are 13 temporary exhibitions to see to keep your head in the clouds and your little heart warm.


Theodoor van Loon, caravaggist painter between Rome and Brussels – BOZAR

Theodoor van Loon, The Martyrdom of Saint Lambert, ca. 1616-1617 © KIK-IRPA, Brussels, photo: Philippe De Gobert


This exhibition from brings you in contact with Theodoor van Loon, one of the first painters from the Southern Netherlands to be deeply influenced by the art of Caravaggio. Like his contemporary Rubens, Van Loon developed a powerful, original style and throughout the whole of his career he remains marked by the Italian masters. 01.11.2018


KANAL BRUT – KANAL – Centre Pompidou

Kanal Brut – Red & White Expo © Veerle Vercauteren


With a little help from ADAM, Brussels Design September &, of course, Centre Pompidou, 6 new exhibitions tailor-made for the gigantic Citroën garage are interrogating identities, colors, the Belgian design scene, public space, architecture and even the fifth elements at Kanal. 01.11.2018


The loves of Zeus and Europa – Hugues Malbreil – Belgian Museum of Eroticism and Mythology


Luthier then sculptor, Hugues Malbreil is putting on exhibit for your pleasure a set of figurative but contemporary erotic sculptures at the Museum of Erotism and Mythology. He sculpts a woman who is modern, free rather than liberated, subject rather than object, in wood, bronze and silver. 01.11.2018


René Daniëls : Fragments from an Unfinished Novel / Koenraad Dedobbeleer : Kunststoff – Gallery of Material Culture – WIELS

At WIELS, one exhibition explores the phenomenon of deja vu and the relationship between perception and memory around the visual language of René Daniëls. The other, wittily questions the value of material and art, in the company of Koenraad Dedobbeleer. 01.11.2018


Beyond the Great War: 1918-1928 – Royal Museum of the Army and Military History


Surprised and emotional, a society simultaneously bruised and resuscitated. This exhibition deepens understandings of post-war period. Welcome to the Roaring Twenties! 08.11.2018


ExpoPorno – ULB Salle Allende


Pornography in all its states. Fantasies, erotic fantasy, reality of pornographic production, domination, stereotypes and conversations are all scrutinised without fear of taboo at the ULB. 15.11.2018


Wings to grow – Children’s Museum

Musée des Enfants – Kindermuseum


You can fly, you can fly, you can fly. For all those Peter Pan’s out there, this new 6-step expo, developed over the course of 2 years, helps children aged 5 to 12 grow up and fly on their very own. We are certainly jealous! 115.11.2018


Bear & Teddy – Museum of Natural Sciences


Come with your teddy bear and compare his life to that of his animal model. An exhibition to discover the bear and become aware of its protection. 22.11.2018


Kids Menu – Brussels Museum of the Mill and Food


A story as distant to the world as to that of the little eaters! Children’s food and their favorite dishes have been of question since ancient times; a surprising expo to see with your family at the Brussels Museum of the Mill and Food. 22.11.2018


Back Side – Fashion & Lace Museum


The back in fashion in all its aspects: adorned, loaded, forgotten, excessive, constrained, bare, marked…. In short, an angle that can never be looked at enough. At Fashion and Lace Museum29.11.2018


Grand Place to Be – Brussels City Museum

© Erik Hageman

The history of the most beautiful Grand Place in the world, from its origins to today! Brussels City Museum29.11.2018.


1918-2018: Marie and Irene Curie, women at the forefront of new technologies – Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum © WBT – Bruno d’Alimonte


Emblematic figures of science and brilliant pioneers of the feminist cause, Marie and Irene Curie are being honored this evening at the Wellington Museum in Waterloo. 29.11.2018