13 Exhibitions to See this October at the Nocturnes

Every Thursday evening this autumn between 5PM and 10PM, museums are graciously extending the night with the Nocturnes, an opportunity to make some unusual and timeless discoveries or to walk the temporary exhibitions of Brussels at a better price. Here are the 9 exhibitions to see in October!

Get Up, Stand up – MIMA – The Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art


The messages on the posters created by the protest movements from 1968 to 1973 are far from irrelevant today! MIMA has dedicated their graphic universe to an exhibition of more than 400 posters and objects from 30 countries. 04/10/2018


[email protected] – La Fonderie


Gender @ War – La Fonderie


At La Fonderie, [email protected] exposes the clichés attributed to women and men during the First World War and reveals the complexity of gender issues in times of conflict through 300 archival documents. 04/10/2018


Harry Elström – The National Basilica Museum of Koekelberg


Basilica of the Sacred Heart – Harry Elström


If visiting the largest, religious Art Deco building in the world and admiring one of the most beautiful panoramas in Brussels is not enough, the Basilica of Koekelberg is also offering a focus on the modernist Belgian-Danish sculptor, Harry Elström, known especially for his monumental works in this very building. 04/10/2018


(Re)Compose the city – Unbuilt Brussels #2 – CIVA


Unbuilt Brussels #2, Recompose The City – CIVA

Have you ever wondered what Brussels would look like if other architectural projects had sprung up? This exhibition at CIVA illustrates (in perfect time for the Nocturne) these unexplored possibilities and raises the debate on Brussels’ current urbanisation. 11/10/2018


State of Deception: the Power of Nazi Propaganda – Parlamentarium


State of Deception: the Power of Nazi Propaganda – Parlamentarium


This traveling exhibition of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum examines the techniques and dangers of propaganda in light of the rise of totalitarianism in 1930s Germany (Parlamentarium). 11/10/2018


Ainsi, Dire – Bibliotheca Wittockiana

© FHuet, ELambé, CPoot


The non-profit organization Cultures Maison, organiser of the festival of the same name and is dedicated to the publishing and distribution of comic strips and graphic and narrative works, is presenting 3 authors at Bibliotheca Wittockiana. Eric Lambé, Christophe Poot and Florian Huet pay particular attention to the form of their books, a perfect marriage for the Museum of Book and Book Arts! 11/10/2018


Design Generations. Intersection 5 – ADAM




ADAM’s hosting its biennial contemporary design event. Visitors are invited to take a look at the past, present and future of the designer profession through the creations of 10 Belgian design studios. 18/10/2018


Histories of A Picture to Come + Teresa Cos (The Measure of Disorder) – ARGOS, Centre for Art and Media


Teresa Cos – The Measure of Disorder


ARGOS, the center dedicated to video art, is hosting two new exhibitions. Histories of a Picture to Come examines how historical events are represented and told in images, while The Measure of Disorder offers a reflection on the human perception of time, memory and the (ir-)reversible aspect of things. 18/10/2018


RESISTANCE – Centrale for Contemporary Art


Guerrilla Girls: artists Kathe Kollwitz, Zubeida Agha and Frida Kahlo during a press preview for an exhibition of works by the Guerrilla Girls titled “Not Ready To Make Nice: 30 Years And Still Counting,” at the Abrams Art Center, 466 Grand St, New York, NY on Thursday, April 30, 2015. Photograph by Andrew Hinderaker.


Through a dialogue between works from 1968 and contemporary creations, the RESISTANCE exhibition at Centrale explores the way in which protest and resistance fit into the body of artworks. 18/10/2018


VELOMUSEUM.brussels – Archives and Museum of Flemish Life in Brussels




Brussels on two wheels: the Museum of Flemish Life presents VELOMUSEUM.brussels, the exhibition that traces Brussels’ 150 years as a cycling city. Bring your bike and learn how to fix it yourself! 18/10/2018


Horta Motifs – Autrique House


© Autrique House


At the end of the 19th century, Art Nouveau architects wanted to develop a homogeneous aesthetic. The Autrique House itself is put on display for this exhibition highlighting the attention to detail in the decoration, more specifically for the textiles and wallpapers in the heart of its interiors. 25/10/2018


Bernard Villers La couleur manifeste – Botanique


Bernard Villers, Raclette 1983. Latex, papier, bois, fer, caoutchouc © Photo: Daniel Dutrieux


Color is asserted in Bernard Villers’ exhibition at Botanique as the leading lady; it’s delivered in clarity but in such a way that it invites the view to take a second look. 25/10/2018