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The Black Sisters Museum – Basilique de Koekelberg


Design Museum Brussels

Planetarium of Brussels

Belgian Chocolate Village

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GUIDES Guided tour of the museum

1300 clocks housed in a superb 1930s Art Deco mansion: this is the Clockarium! This unusual museum pays tribute to the earthenware clocks that once adorned the chimneys of houses in Belgium and Northern France. A visit to the Clockarium is a promise of a trip back to the inter-war period, but also of a journey into the imagination thanks to the incredible fantasy of the models presented.

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GUIDES A guide will show you, with a watch in hand, all the secrets of the Clockarium and its collection.

→ 17:30 (FR) / 18:30 (FR) / 19:00 (NL) / 19:30 (FR) / 20:00 (EN) / 20:30 (FR) / 21:00 (FR) – Limited places, lease send an e-mail to [email protected] with your name, the number of people you wish to register, the language of the activity and name of the activity.

Visiting the Clockarium is only possible during guided tours. Unaccompanied visit is not allowed.