Nocturnes Finissage on December 6: what to see

It’s nearly time to wave goodbye to the Brussels Museums Nocturnes 2018 but hey, let’s not get sad cause for one last time, we’re bringing the party and you’re the life of it!

Leave it to us to have chosen December 6 (traditional celebration of Saint Nicholas’ Day in Western Christian Countries) to organize a finissage with a twist any kid-at-heart can enjoy.

Conveniently around Mont des Arts, our season finale will see Experience.Brussels, the official exhibition on the Brussels Region, celebrates its 10 years existence. Brussels dialect, music, poetry, foodtruck, drinks and your chance to leave a message to the future in a time-capsule are all part of the program!

Nearby, you’ll either play around in the dark exploring the Coudenberg with a flashlight or meet clowns and Saint-Nicholas on their visit at the majestic Belvue Museum.

Build your very own optical toy and dive back into nostalgia with Robin Hood at Cinematek or get your groove on at ING Art Centre‘s very musical (and very free) exhibition ‘Revolutions Records & Rebels 1966-1970’.

Last but not least at the Cinquantenaire Park, the Art & History Museum and a cute bunch of children-guides will take you on an original journey to the world of the Inca and their inimitable fashion sense.

In conclusion, a Thursday evening but make it magical.
Thanks for attending our Brussels Museums Nocturnes this season, you make it special for us. Enjoy.